Exit Strategy and Entrepreneurial Mindset

An exit strategy goes hand in hand with launching your business. An entrepreneurial mindset includes an exit strategy as you grow. Attorney JP McAvoy shares how to build with the exit in mind.

How to Make Money Podcasting

Doug reveals the vision for the Nice Guys in business brand. Doug’s start in podcasting and the creation of his Turnkey Podcast production company. The value of podcasting as a marketing and branding tool. Some of the myths around podcasting and how to monetize your podcast.

How to Start a Podcast

Steve Olsher shows you how to create a podcast and make money podcasting while surrounding yourself with people who help elevate your game.

Customer Engagement Created by Building Community

Customer engagement by building community leads to brand innovation. New brands should begin by being super extremely focused. Draw a circle around the community that you really want to empower, help and improve. Create customer engagement through building community.