Marketing Segmentation in Direct Response

Brian Kurtz

Brian Kurtz


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Marketing segmentation includes learning to speak to your customers differently than prospects. And play the long game, a game as to “how can I get this customer who’s really pissed off about something, to love the company and love me?” … I would figure out what they needed and what they were looking for. But that’s what you do all the time, not just on a phone call, but you need to do that as you’re interacting with your existing customers. That’s why an email today, if you have a big email list of buyers and prospects, for instance, if you’re not talking to them differently, you’re crazy.

But you have to go really deep with the people that have bought from you, and explain, if you can even talk about the products that they bought from you, which builds the brand and if they liked the brand, and they liked that product, you’re building reinforcement for the next product. And if you’re sending an email that you’re sending to a prospect who’s never bought from you to a three-time buyer of your products, it’s such a waste of potential equity that you’ve built up with that customer that’s happy. I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes people make is one size fits all creative to a list.

In This Episode, Cheryl And Brian Kurtz Discuss

  • Overdeliver to your customer base and master the long game.
  • Direct Response Marketing: The importance of “romancing your audience” with a great story.
  • Marketing Segmentation: Why direct marketing should be a component of your brand strategy.
  • Marketing Segmentation: Customer service, fulfillment, and their marketing functions.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Defining your personal brand to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Key Takeaways

  • Use marketing segmentation of your list and decide who gets what message, and when.
  • Use direct response marketing in ways that differentiate your brand.
  • Direct response marketing is more alive than ever. Just look at the Internet.
  • Multi-channel marketing is vital to grow your business.

You have to romance the audience. I call it fishing without bait.

You have to romance the audience. I call it fishing without bait.

—Brian Kurtz