A bit of story...

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there was a land where people still spoke by phone with a dial up connection, left messages only “after the beep,” and used faxes and snail mail to communicate.

In that land lived Cheryl Hodgson, a young lawyer who loved the music industry and trademark law. Cheryl worked in one of the silos of the brand world, she dubbed the “protection” silo. Those who worked in other silos to create and build the brands, had little or no reason to interact with Cheryl as there was not much need.

Brand managers were young MBA’s whose job might be managing a brand of cereal on supermarket shelves. Creation was less about messaging and marketing and more about logos and design. All important, but only one part of what was to become a complex set of elements that take time and expertise to weave together.

Then came...

The Internet (R)evolution. The silos of the branding world struggled to adapt to the domain name land rush, cybersquatting, domain infringement, false endorsements, the advent of social media platforms.

Suddenly Cheryl was seeing clients whose websites were stolen, clients who were bullied into giving up their domains since they had no protection, and clients who could not register a trademark since there brand names were descriptive and could not be protected, and a lack of access to trusted advice in the field.

Where and how should someone be seen and heard, and on what channels?

It's a noisy world...

Breakthrough brands are those who create a revolution, and ultimately an evolution of a product or service, be it global, or within a community of rabid fans and customers.

Cheryl asked herself: “Why aren’t we tearing down branding silos and talking to each other, and how can entrepreneurs know what to do if the world of branding still isn’t working together?” So Cheryl got this idea, what if we started a conversation to share with entrepreneurs and emerging brands what the big boys and girls pay big bucks to know? What does it really take to get noticed in today’s noisy world, and how does the new brand break through to the hearts and minds of their customers, to create their own revolution?

Cheryl doesn’t know all the answers, but she knows the questions, and she asks them, and we’ll share them with you on the Brand (R)evolution podcast.