Mompreneur & Connector of People

Connie Benjamin, best-selling author and connector of people, shares her roadmap to success for the explosive growth of the Mompreneur. Learn to use burnout and stress to reignite the fire within.

Dreaming Big 4 Divine Living

Divine Living begins with dreaming big. Master the art of divine living the mother of dreaming big, Gina DeVee. Gina has coached hundreds of women in exotic locations around the world where they come to master the art of divine living and building a life and business they love.

Brand Strategy to Launch or Rebrand

Brand strategy creates a human side to your brand. This makes the connection in the market and defines the point of difference in the marketplace. Launch your business with a brand strategy since you don’t want to leave it up to your customers or your competitors to define what your brand is about.. Consciously address it, or end up having it defined for you.

Content Marketing with Copywriter

Effective content marketing requires a skilled copywriter and should be helpful, useful, relevant, valuable to your customer or audience. In this episode, Kimberly shares the Audience Converter 4-step process.

SAM SPLINT Joins First Responders

The SAM SPLINT travels with first responders. Emergency response around the world, from skiing accidents, natural disasters, accidents, and in battle, the SAM SPLINT created (r)evolution in EMT. Meet Sam & Cheryl, founders of Sam Medical, a global brand saving lives.

Podcast Marketing With Podopolo

Podcast marketing takes a leap with Podopolo. Podcasters can now create listener engagement and learn, “how to make money podcasting?” Melinda Wittstock, professional journalist and host of Wings of Inspired Business continues the (r)evolution in podcasting.

Philosophy in Business Unlocks Success

Philosophy in business is a key to entrepreneurial success. Author inventor Dr. Patrick Gentempo discusses his book, Your Stand is Your Brand, and the importance of defining your own philosophy.

Tutoring Services that Changes Kids’ Lives

Angeles Echols-Brown shares the journey to build All Access, the EYM online learning platform that features tutoring services. Two of her graduates Todd and Adam lead the journey. All Access features 10 hubs, ranging from sports, arts and entertainment, all the way to international trade. And underneath each of those hubs hundreds of job listings, including salary ranges, locations, the top 10 people at the top of their game in that field and the schools you should attend to study that particular trade.