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Kenneth Bator

Kenneth Bator


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Integrated Marketing Is Specific–It’s not the Same as Branding

Integrated marketing is a great phrase. Branding expert Ken Bator’s goes way beyond integrated marketing to focus upon customer experience. Ken shares the keys to branding for success. When it comes to Ken’s branding for success, I’m tempted to turn to clichés such as ”He’s the cat’s meow.”  But that would be so unfair, since Ken is so much more, seriously, the cream of the crop…ok. Enough with the clichés.

Marketing, whether you call it integrated marketing or just marketing is not the same as branding. Branding and marketing are not synonyms. Marketing is a specific function. Branding is much bigger than that, especially when it comes to branding for success and where customer experience becomes key

Ken’s B + C + S formula is BRAND + CULTURE + STRATEGY. Ken’s formula is not just another three words he came up with to capture our attention. Ken has distilled his years of creating customer experience on the front lines, solving issues for services brands. After seeing the failures and implementing branding for success, Ken came to a realization…these three words are the exact three areas business owners should focus upon when branding for success.

Branding for Success Includes Customer Experience

Ken has more than 20 years of experience in focusing upon customer experience as part of branding for success, particularly for service brands. Ken helps brands reach new levels of effectiveness by helping them learn his B + C + S formula, Ken has hosted and produced four different shows, including the Cool Culture Corner, Branding The Experience, The CU Business News podcast, and Beyond The Call.

Key Takeaways

  • If you drive people to a customer experience of your brand that doesn’t match with brand integrated marketing, then you’re going to have a real problem on your hands.
  • Branding for success doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead be consistent in telling people about what that customer experience is going to be. And match the experience to what you tell them.
  • In a service-based business, the customer experience is as, or more important than the actual product.
  • The customer experience is actually the more important part of branding. Sometimes, one incident can just kill the entire brand.