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Gina DeVee

Gina DeVee


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Meet the Mother of Divine Living, Gina DeVee

Divine Living begins with dreaming big. Master the art of divine living the mother of dreaming big, Gina DeVee. Gina has coached hundreds of women in exotic locations around the world where they come to master the art of divine living and building a life and business they love.

Gina’s own life is your template to create your own life of divine living. We as women still tend to seek permission or approval from some external source to go for our dreams. As a result, the notion of dreaming big is often not even in our conscious awareness.

Gina DeVee holds a special place in my heart, and I’m truly honored to have her as a guest on my show. I remember the weekend I attended one of her early events in Brentwood, California, one of my first ever marketing events to build an online business. It was at Gina’s live event that I first caught a glimpse of what my life could be. Because I was stuck in my “playing small” and searching for permission to be “seen and heard” I wasn’t totally ready to live that life of my wildest dreams. Yet, I found myself on stage as a member of her high-level coaching group… all six of us! That was then… this is now.

Gina understands the art of dreaming big and how it will, when accompanied by action, lead to you as the lead character in your own life—a life of divine living.

Gina DeVee has inspired thousands of women entrepreneurs around the globe to master divine living for themselves, while embracing their right and power to create a business and life they love.

It all Begins with Dreaming Big

Life is short . . . time is flying by. What big dream or vision do you hold in your heart that awaits manifestation in reality? Are you waiting for permission? I assure you, there’s only one person who can grant that permission, and that’s you. And if you can use a mentor on the path, listen in. Gina has lots to share to mentor you to that most special life, one of your wildest dreams!