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Connie Benjamin


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Mompreneur Success – Balancing Priorities & Self-Care

Connie Benjamin is a best-selling author, connector of people, and successful mompreneur. Mompreneurs are no different than most entrepreneurs. We are either driven towards our passion or just completely burn out. Do women really need to live up to society’s social norms in order to be successful mompreneurs? How should women act? speak? Perfection is a universal standard that many women deal with due to the images society presents to them at a young age. The word got so romanticized by society that doing such messy things would hindrance the ideal life that everyone is looking forward to.

Connie Benjamin, a best-selling author, international speaker, mompreneur, podcast host, and connector of people, shares what it means to create power from within. Entrepreneurship brings its own challenges. When we feel stressed out we tend to shut off and disconnect from people and our loved ones.

For many women Entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, their first priority must be their children, followed by business and extended family and time for self. Women tend to put themselves last and prioritize other things first. That’s particularly a challenge when one loves being a connector of people.

F– creator First
I– Inspired self-care
R– Relationship
E– Engaging with your kids

Key Takeways

  • Use burnout for good, burnout to reignite passion. Burnout is bad when it results from putting pressure on yourself.
  • What you do is less important than the relationships between you and your clients, your connections.
  • Perfection, contrary to the word itself can cause ugly outcomes.
  • When we step out in faith, the stepping stones appear before us. And it’s almost like we’ve become a partner with the divine. We will not see the end from the beginning.
  • Surround yourself with the right circle of people for increased results and productivity.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be done.