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Angeles Echols-Brown

Angeles Echols-Brown


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Access Part 1 of Cheryl’s interview with Angeles Echols-Brown here. This is part 2.

Educating Young Minds outshines provides tutoring services and mentoring programs that providing college prep, support, encouragement, and inspiration for at-risk youth in Los Angeles. Since the ’60s and the Civil Rights movement, there’s been a great deal of talk, but not a lot of meaningful action when it comes to providing mentoring programs or tutoring services that create equal opportunity in education for minorities and children of color. Yet EYM is so much more than just one of many tutoring schools. Founder Angeles Echols-Brown has created access to job programs, inspiring kids to dream and vision what they want to hope for, with mentoring programs and tutoring services that inspire unequaled outcomes.

Since the ’60s and the Civil Rights movement, there’s been a lot of talk, but not a lot of meaningful action when it comes to real changes to provide equal opportunity in education for minorities and children of color.

How do children, many of whom have little family support structure, break free from generations of poverty, find encouragement, guidance, inspiration, and the knowledge that can open doors to a life beyond their wildest dreams?

In Part 2 of Cheryl Hodgson’s interview with Angeles Echols-Brown, we learn about the challenges Angeles faces as a non-profit changing lives, the grace of community support, and the EYM All Access online platform. All Access provides kids with access to hundreds of career paths and companies who need experts in various fields in 10-11 different areas, the leaders in each profession, and the educational path to attaining a job in the chosen field.

Angeles Echols-Brown, a graduate of Cornell University, and a community leader began her career as a teacher in Los Angeles, CA. Angeles is known and respected by the Mayor, the Chief of Police as a community leader. She is loved and adored by thousands of kids whose lives she has helped transform. Educating Young Minds has transformed the lives of over 4000 children through education, inspiration, love, mentoring, encouragement, fostering dreams. 82% of EYM graduates from tutoring services and mentoring programs have gone on to graduate from four-year universities, including Ivy League schools.

What can Angeles and EYM teach our leaders, and our educators about action, instead of talk without change that has plagued the education of our kids for generations?

Highlights from Part 2

    • I can only fix me if I think of me in terms of fixing me and making me better, but I want to help you. When I extend that hand and point that finger to help you, there is a finger always pointing back that says “You’ve got to help yourself.” In helping you, I’ve got to help myself in order to make that happen.
    • But we must keep moving forward because when we reach back trying to hit a man on his head, you know, the energy this cost? when I’m swinging back here, trying to get you from, it keeps me from doing what? Coming forward.
    • Angeles shares the journey to build All Access, the Educating Young Minds online platform. Two of her graduates Todd and Adam lead the journey to a platform that provides education, guidance and career path inspiration and direction.
Helping Others climb with Educating Young Minds
  • How Virtual Reality is opening new windows in the minds of the kids. We can   take these kids to places that they could not have imagined. Imagine kids who want to go into medicine and they enter the augmented reality world and there is a body and they can take the parts of the body and really study and learn and be encouraged. Interspace labs can take a jet engine apart, but really, and it’s one on one. It’s just them. And no one’s judging them. No one’s saying whether or not they were properly attired, you know, their dress code.
  • When community comes together for a common good, miracles can happen. The story of EYM’s search for a new campus home on a moment’s notice and how the forces of the good will came together to create a new home for EYM.

More About Angeles Echols-Brown and Educating Young Minds

What began as an after school tutoring program for a couple of kids in Angeles Echols’ one room apartment over thirty years ago has become the most successful programs of its kind anywhere. EYM has 23 teachers that work tirelessly to encourage kids, inspire them to dream and believe they can build a better life for themselves and their communities.

Educating Young Minds is a non-profit which operates solely upon the donations of it supporters including individuals. Learn more about how you can help, or how the EYM on line All Access program could change the lives of kids in your community.

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