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Freelance Copywriter Crafts Content Marketing

Effective content marketing requires a skilled copywriter. Email marketing remains the most valuable form of content marketing for any online business. Your email list a valuable business asset. Your email marketing list can’t be shut down by a change in Facebook algorithms. Yet, the key to developing a connection with potential clients or maintaining existing ones is effective copywriting. So, content marketing, specifically email marketing should be helpful, useful, relevant, valuable to your customer.

It’s vital to be able to write in someone’s voice. And there are two parts. First, there is the voice of the company, or the voice of the service provider, the brand voice, and then there’s the voice of customer.

Meet Kimberly Weitkamp, a freelance copywriter, my personal copywriter who helps create content marketing and email mail marketing campaigns to build your brand, be remembered, and remain connected to your clients.

Kimberly’s 4-Step Process for Marketing Conversion

Kimberly Weitkamp creates content marketing for marketing conversion using her 4-step Audience Converter Process. As Kimberly explains, great copywriting speaks to your customer‘s problems and needs in their language using your brand voice. In this interview, Kimberly shares brand voice examples, to show how the same topic can be written about differently using three different brand voice examples. Kimberly shares the importance of identifying the 2-3 types of people you’ll be speaking to, and the questions they are asking. Answering those questions in your content marketing is one of the keys to Kimberly’s process.

A great freelance marketing copywriter will have a process to get to know you, your business, and your own way of speaking and writing.

In this episode Cheryl & Kimberly discuss

  • The key to any great email marketing campaign is “how can I help you?
  • Make certain that the language you use matches who you are, but then also use language in your content marketing that matches what customers are actually searching for.
  • Kimberly’s Audience Converter Method – A four-step process:
    1. Audience: Who are the people in the group that you’re going to be speaking to, that you’re actually going to help? There are usually 2 or 3.
    2. Ask: What are the questions these people are asking?
    3. Audit: Review your content marketing to find those questions and answers to them in your marketing Are there gaps between what they need to know at stage 1 and stage 4?
    4. Answer: Create marketing that answers those top questions that are missing.

Key takeaways

  • Create long-term currency. Instead of  focusing on “how can I get the next sale?” consider, “How can I create a great experience for this customer so they want to stay with me for longer and let their friends know about me too?”
  • Make sure that you highlight that unique selling position in your copy. And copy can be used to kind of give a different perspective of something but you’re still talking about the same thing, right?  Your unique selling proposition, unique selling position, USP.
  • When looking for a copywriter, ask them about their process? Do they have a process, ask them about how they’re going to communicate with you?
  • Always be testing, always be testing, always be testing. And if everything’s working properly, you’re not testing enough.