How to Sell Online with a Brand Story

Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian


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A brand story, an original story, is a key component when learning to sell online.

The objection is when the sale begins. Everything else is just a matter of features and benefits. So what if you could write down a list of objections in advance and anticipated them? Look forward to them? What if you converted them into Frequently Asked Questions, and then put the answers? Wouldn’t that give you an advantage? And you still haven’t broken ground, you’re still underneath the soil. Now, to advance the metaphor.

Let’s go to the Trunk of the Tree. And the Trunk of the Tree is the Origin Story of the person who is enrolling the other person. So if you’re the entrepreneur doing the sales, or if you’re in this marketing environment where you’ll have to win the favor of someone, or many people if you’re on stage or on a webinar, well, then you need a Brand Story, and Origin Story. The Origin Story is when and where it happened and started, who else was there? What happened? How did it resolve and then why is it relevant and important to the viewer or the listener or the reader? And you end with Why. You don’t begin with Why.

In This Episode, Cheryl And Alex Mandossian Discuss

  • Storytelling for people who hate to sell.
  • How to turn objections into questions into answers that solve the problems faced by customers.
  • The value of telling the business owner’s brand story, origin story to sell online.
  • Using case studies as client stories to showcase the value of the offer.

Key Takeaways

  • By disqualifying the wrong customers, you’re prioritizing the people who are your ideal customer.
  • The seeds are the objections. The objection is when the sale begins.
  • Write a list of objections and turn them into FAQs.
  • You need a good origin story to grab the attention of your customers and obliterate objections.

Seeding through storytelling is the new selling.

Seeding through storytelling is the new selling.

—Alex Mandossian