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Building a breakthrough brand in today’s noisy world is not easy. Why do some companies seem to effortlessly connect to the hearts and minds of their customers, while others struggle to be seen and heard?

To answer these questions, we sit down with some of the top brand mentors who help brands create, build & protect a Revolution, an evolution for one customer at a time.
Cheryl Hodgson


Alex Mandossian
How to Sell Online with a Brand Story
Learn how to sell online with the master, Alex Mandossian. A brand story should attract ideal clients and also repel those...
Lee Richter
Building a Community with Marketing Communication
Communication design & how Lee created a community success story that has become a Pet Mayor movement. Imagine building your...
Dr. Patricia Crane
Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life–a Global Brand
Global Brand Extension through trademark & licensing programs. How Louise Hay’s, Heal your Life legacy lives on with Dr....
JP McAvoy
Exit Strategy and Entrepreneurial Mindset
An exit strategy goes hand in hand with launching your business. An entrepreneurial mindset includes an exit strategy as...

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